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WASHpad washable sanitary towels

 Reusable Care Creations
We try to sell/promote the washable sanitary towels at cost price. We don't aim to make money from them, but we do want to cover our costs.
For many girls and women in Ghana, disposable sanitary towels are a luxury article. They are available, but often unaffordable. Many women make do with strips of fabric they collect at one of the many small sewing shops or with old pieces of fabric and clothing ripped to pieces for the purpose. Other materials like paper and chicken feathers are also known to be used ....
Apart from the WASHpads, we also make panty liners. They are thin pads that can be used in between menstrual periods to absorb daily vaginal discharge.

The top layer of this panty liner is made from Tencel, a material that is 100% natural and made from cellulose fibres from wood. We are very grateful to Jeannette Vite, a company from the Netherlands, who supply it to us for free!

Schoolgirls in Ghana who can't afford to buy disposable sanitary pads miss five days of school per month on average. That's three months a year! This means they fall behind in a way they can never catch up.
Many women who can't afford to buy sanitary towels can't go to work during their period, which means they miss out on income.
Also, disposable sanitary towels have a huge impact on the environment.

After much research, experimenting and testing we came up with a model of washable sanitary towels we are very happy with. The feedback from test users is very positive, and they can be produced in our workshop. They are partly made from the left-over unbleached cotton we use for our New Cooking Bags. They are not expensive and highly cost-effective in use.

We call them WASHpad, which stands for Women All Should Have padů

WASHpads come in four sizes, each with their own colour. Very easy in case you need new ones and you are not very good at reading.

Wouldn't it be great ...
Wouldn't it be great if girls didn't have to miss any lessons when they have their period? If they didn't need to stay home from school or even drop out all together when they start menstruating? Because of shame, or because they are afraid their clothes will show bloodstains... Girls Empowerment!
Wouldn't it be great if working women didn't have to stop working when they're menstruating, so they could fully dedicate themselves to their own development?
Wouldn't it be great if there were no taboo surrounding menstruation?
And... Wouldn't it be great if we could lessen environmental impact from the use of disposable sanitary towels?

Those are the things we step up for.

The WASHpads come with a handy flyer explaining the use of the pads and the washing instructions.
 Environmental impact
A Ghanaian woman uses an average of 9000 sanitary towels in a lifetime. If she used WASHpads, she would only need 150. A huge difference!
Many people in Ghana believe in Sakawa, a certain ritual to do with spiritual matters. Many women are afraid to use disposable sanitary towels because they fear that their menstrual blood could be used for Sakawa rituals, which could have dramatic consequences for them. Instead, these women use pieces of cloth that they can wash and re-use. Comfortable washable pads would be a perfect solution for these women.
We came up with a small watertight and airtight pouch to hold your WASHpad after use. This way, you can safely put it in your bag or purse and carry it home to wash.